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5+years experience
5+years experience
5+years experience
5+years experience

Tash Francavilla

Operations Support

Tash does operations support with a wealth of experience in administration and business management. With a strong background in customer retention and administration in health services and hospitality, she’s a crucial team member that champions systems, coordinates teams, and manages accounts. Her encouraging attitude brings a positive energy to the office that motivates the entire team and is welcomed by the greater rail industry.

Portrait of Tash Francavilla
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Client and team coordination

Throughout her time at Rail Confidence, Tash has been instrumental in building the systems and processes that help operations run efficiently. Her role includes:

  • Administrative duties
  • General management
  • System onboarding and implementation
  • Supplier management
  • Client service

Account management

With several stakeholders across the rail industry, Tash is responsible for helping Rail Confidence manage its relationships with best-in-class client service. She’s constantly fighting fires in the background of the business to keep everything running smoothly and help our own wheels stay on the track.

Key skills

  • Communications
  • System administration
  • Account management
  • Client acquisition and retention
  • Documentation and control
  • Team coordination


Operations Management

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