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National & global
rolling stock experts
National & global
rolling stock experts
National & global
rolling stock experts
National & global
rolling stock experts

Due Diligence

Rail Confidence utilises a comprehensive assessment process before a potential acquisition, investment, or partnership involving rolling stock or related assets. We aim to provide a thorough evaluation of the condition, performance, compliance, and financial aspects of the rolling stock portfolio.

Furthermore, we confirm network compliance ensuring that there are no outstanding issues or restrictions associated with the rolling stock. This includes a review of maintenance records to understand the historical care and upkeep of the vehicles.

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When offering a valuation of rolling stock, we consider four key areas.

We assess the cost of acquiring the rolling stock, including purchase price, associated costs, and any required refurbishments or modifications.

We analyse the ongoing operational expenses, including maintenance, repair, and OpEx costs whilst also estimating the potential future resale value of the rolling stock.

We are aware of the projected demand for rolling stock types considering factors like location, industry trends, potential competition and network opportunities.

We understand the market position of the rolling stock relative to other offerings in terms of features, pricing, and availability.

Independent advice, always

At Rail Confidence, we pride ourselves on our commitment to an unbiased approach that helps us protect our partners and more widely, the people who work and commute on Australian railways.

Our industry reputation for meticulous standards and independent advice means our partners can have every faith in the integrity of their technology and systems.


Rail Confidence can conduct an examination and assessment of your business operations, internal controls and maintenance systems to provide assurance on the accuracy, reliability, and compliance of a company’s asset list and processes.

We identify and evaluate the risks that could potentially impact the financial health and operations of the business or rolling stock.

Condition inspections

The experts on your side

Rail Confidence will help you:

✓ Register on rail networks
✓ Manage operational risk
✓ Identify safety issues
✓ Address gaps in compliance

✓ Navigate tight timeframes
✓ Supplement in-house skills
✓ Independently verify