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5+years experience
5+years experience
5+years experience
5+years experience

Gregory Thompson

Senior Engineering Consultant

Gregory is a mechatronic engineer with demonstrated experience using a range of mechanical and digital engineering tools, providing technical testing, reporting, and engineering solutions.

Gregory has experience managing multi discipline rail projects working with teams of engineers on projects using rail maintenance plant, passenger, and freight rolling stock.

Exercising existing knowledge and skills, and a keen desire to learn, Gregory strives to make informed and meaningful contributions to every project he is involved in.

Portrait of Gregory Thompson
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Rolling stock experience

In his time with Rail Confidence, Gregory has been responsible for the design of vehicle structures, programme development and FEA.  Furthermore he has been integral during  the installation of the communications systems in the Sydney Metro City and Southwest Tunnel as a project engineer where he has gained extensive commercial and project management experience. 

Gregory has led and been involved with many technical engineering projects, including:

  • Structural and mechanical design,
  • Heavy machinery repairs and maintenance programs,
  • Testing procedure and safe operating procedure development,
  • Rolling stock design analysis,
  • Construction and project management of complex, multi-discipline projects

Key skills

  • Technical Engineering Support
  • Structural analysis
  • Commercial and project management 
  • Programming


  • BE (Mechatronics) (Hons)
  • MIEAust


Mechatronic Engineer

Gregory worked on:

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