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5+years experience
5+years experience
5+years experience
5+years experience

Jeremy Kelly

Testing and Structures Lead Engineer

Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He is a confident and diligent engineer who is conscious of the requirements to achieve successful engineering outcomes.

Jeremy has been heavily involved in static and dynamic testing of rolling stock to verify performance and demonstrate compliance to various Networks across Australia. This has involved the testing of locomotives along with a range of freight wagons, infrastructure maintenance vehicles and RRVs.

Jeremy has proven technical writing capabilities having worked on testing specifications, technical reports and maintenance documentation. He shows aptitude for gathering, collating and presenting relevant information.

Portrait of Jeremy Kelly
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Rolling stock experience

In recent projects with Rail Confidence Jeremy has been involved in preparing test specifications and a work instruction to guide maintenance efforts on rolling stock fleets.

Jeremy has experience applying his mechanical engineering skills to rolling stock applications including:

  • Modifications of door hangers for a fleet of passenger rail vehicles to determine their structural integrity and suitability.
  • Development of technical maintenance plans for powerhead control units and pneumatic brake systems.
  • Investigations into brake system failures to determine failure modes and enhance reliability.

Key skills

  • Technical Authoring
  • Performance Testing
  • Data Evaluation
  • Technical Engineering Support
  • Organisation and Project Delivery


  • BE (Mech)


Mechanical Engineer

Jeremy worked on:

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