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3years experience
3years experience
3years experience
3years experience

Louis Papalia

Engineering Consultant

Louis is a motivated engineer, with experience in project, mechanical and civil engineering.

Whilst at Rail Confidence, Louis has gained experience delivering technical documentation, assessing the requirements for rolling stock interface compliance and undertaking engineering verifications.

With his experience in project engineering, Louis has excellent communication and organisational skills proving he can assist in delivering and managing projects involving rail.

Portrait of Louis Papalia
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Engineering experience

Having graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree, Louis has also gained experience in various engineering disciplines, including:

  • Rail and track maintenance / engineering
  • Civil/earthworks
  • Quality engineering
  • Mechanical design reviews,
  • Project management and project delivery

The projects have involved rail maintenance in the Pilbara and Southwest Australia.

Technical experience

Louis has assisted in project engineering with delivery on many projects including:

  • Rail renewal (shutdowns) / job planning,
  • Installing turnouts, IRJs and bog hole remediating,
  • Railway site experience,
  • Cost and material tracking,
  • Claims and end of month reporting,
  • Revtizo/Propeller/GIS Program Use,
  • Safety and quality reporting

Key skills

  • Technical Engineering Support
  • Organisation and Project Delivery
  • Track Experience
  • Network compliance


  • Bachelor Mech Eng (Hons)


Mechanical Engineer

Louis worked on:

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