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400+vehicles registered
400+vehicles registered
400+vehicles registered
400+vehicles registered

Rolling Stock Engineering

Our experts bring a wealth of experience to engineering projects, having been instrumental in developing, contributing to or validating numerous rail industry standards in Australia and New Zealand.

As career rolling stock engineers, we ensure your fleet operates at peak efficiency, reliability, and safety. We are recognised as Independent Competent Persons (ICP) by the majority of AU/NZ networks and as a Technically Assured Organisation (TAO) of Transport for NSW with multiple chartered engineers who are Registered Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ).

We understand that each rail network has unique requirements. Our service is tailored to your project as we apply pragmatic engineering solutions that are comprehensively documented for stakeholders.

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Asset management & maintenance advice

The team at Rail Confidence are familiar with asset management of all types of rolling stock and facilities, including fleet planning and improvement projects.

We have proven experience in negotiation and management of critical business activities such as maintenance agreements, team line management, CapEx/OpEx budgets, rolling stock lease agreements, and management of relationships with familiarity with various modelling and financial analyses.

Examples of asset management

  1. Fleet planning and improvement
  2. Rolling stock end-of-life and life extension studies
  3. Review of maintenance functions
  4. Site selection
  5. Definition design of maintenance and operations facilities. 

Feasibility studies

We have expertise and resources to undertake comprehensive feasibility studies for your project. These studies serve as a crucial first step in evaluating the viability and potential success of any rolling stock-related project or maintenance initiative.

Our capabilities in feasibility studies encompass the following key aspects:

  1. Technical expertise
  2. Financial modeling and analysis
  3. Market research and analysis
  4. Risk assessment and mitigation
  5. Regulatory and compliance evaluation
  6. Stakeholder engagement and communication
  7. Customised recommendations

Inspection and test plans

Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) are essential documents that outline the specific procedures and criteria for inspecting and testing various components of your rolling stock.

As part of our rolling stock engineering services, we develop meticulous ITPs to meet the requirements of your project.

The experts on your side

Rail Confidence will help you:

✓ Register on rail networks
✓ Manage operational risk
✓ Identify safety issues
✓ Address gaps in compliance

✓ Navigate tight timeframes
✓ Supplement in-house skills
✓ Independently verify