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National & global
rolling stock experts
National & global
rolling stock experts
National & global
rolling stock experts
National & global
rolling stock experts

Design Verification

We perform thorough design verification for all types of rolling stock including road rail vehicles (RRVs). This critical process ensures that the design of rolling stock components, systems, and overall configurations meet the industry standards for safety, integrity, and compliance.  

As a leading provider in this area, we are recognised by the majority of Australian rail networks to conduct independent engineering design reviews. We are also qualified as a Technically Assured Organisation of TfNSW to perform bridge and structure loading assessments for all types of rolling stock. 

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Durability assessments

We conduct comprehensive durability assessments to ensure the longevity, reliability, and performance of your rolling stock. Durability assessments are important for determining how components and systems will withstand the rigours of operational use over time.

With access to advanced software systems, material libraries and testing methods, Rail Confidence can provide the entire suite of durability assurance requirements for you to be confident in the reliability and availability of your rolling stock.

Predicting the remaining life of your rolling stock

  • Dynamic testing of forced loads
  • Fatigue tests
  • Degradation analysis
  • Safety and hazards testing

Design verification

Our team is highly proficient in conducting independent and thorough design verifications through an extensive suite of test equipment.

We have a deep understanding of industry design standards including AS7502 for Road Rail Vehicles, AS7520 for all rolling stock and AS7519 for bogies.

We continuously draw upon international standards and practices such as the American Association of Railways (AAR) and European Railway standards.

Hi rail safety assessments

Hi Rail or Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs) are multi-function vehicles with the capabilities to operate on rail track as well as drive on regular roads. 

We understand the specific challenges and requirements when it comes to design verification of these vehicles. Our team is well-versed in the design considerations necessary to ensure seamless transition from road to rail and safe operations.

The experts on your side

Rail Confidence will help you:

✓ Register on rail networks
✓ Manage operational risk
✓ Identify safety issues
✓ Address gaps in compliance

✓ Navigate tight timeframes
✓ Supplement in-house skills
✓ Independently verify