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25years experience
25years experience
25years experience
25years experience

Stuart Brown

Senior Engineering Consultant

Stuart is an electrical engineer with many years of experience in the automotive industry. He has predominantly been involved with maintenance and testing of vehicles across a range of industries. This experience has seen him work on aircrafts, specialised off road vehicles, light trucks, buses, rolling stock,  track maintenance plant and road rail vehicles. He has demonstrated knowledge and experience with a range of mechanical and digital engineering equipment, providing technical testing, reporting, and engineering solutions.

Whilst at Rail Confidence, Stuart has gained experience delivering technical documentation, assessing rolling stock against interface requirements and performing engineering verifications.

Stuart has proven technical writing capabilities having worked on testing specifications, technical reports and maintenance documentation. He shows  a strong aptitude for gathering, collating and presenting relevant information whilst having the ability to interrogate solutions effectively.

Portrait of Stuart Brown
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Rolling stock experience

In recent projects with Rail Confidence Stuart has demonstrated expertise in conducting routine inspections, advising on repairs, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. 

He has a proven track record of minimising downtime and optimising operational efficiency through proactive strategies. Additionally, adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to coordinate schedules and implement improvements. 

Stuart has been heavily involved in static and dynamic testing of rolling stock to verify performance and demonstrate compliance to various Networks across Australia. This has involved the testing of locomotives along with a range of freight wagons, infrastructure maintenance vehicles and RRVs.

Mechanical and electrical experience

Stuart has proven experience applying his mechanical and Electrical skills to rolling stock applications. At Rail Confidence, Stuart has undertaken engineering assessments for Brimble Rail, Transport for NSW, Speno Rail Maintenance Australia amongst many more. 

He is confident in his abilities to question the accuracy of a given situation and extract the relevant details required to construct a robust solution or a convincing argument for a way forward.

Key skills

  • Technical Engineering Support
  • Testing and data acquisition
  • Data Evaluation
  • Reporting


  • Associate Diploma Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineer, Motor Mechanic

Stuart worked on:

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