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400+vehicles registered
400+vehicles registered
400+vehicles registered
400+vehicles registered

Independent Certification

Our team has a deep understanding of the complex web of regulations and standards governing rolling stock vehicle certification. This includes regional, national, and international requirements, ensuring that your vehicles meet all criteria to safely operate on any network.

Through continuous collaboration with regulatory authorities, we facilitate a smooth and efficient certification process while upholding the requirements stipulated in AS7501.

As a company, we are uncompromising on safety and transparent communications throughout the certification process – conducting risk assessments, monitoring and maintaining all test equipment.

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Compliance plan development

We tailor our compliance plans to the specific requirements of your rolling stock project and network, accounting for factors such as:

  1. Vehicle type
  2. Intended use
  3. Regulatory considerations

We also identify gaps in current plans and help our clients demonstrate or justify compliance.

A comprehensive record of compliance

We compile all required documentation for certification, including design specifications, test results, engineering analyses, justifications, and any other necessary reports. This documentation serves as a complete record of compliance to protect all stakeholders involved in the operation of the vehicle throughout its life cycle.

Static and dynamic vehicle testing

Vehicle registration testing is a crucial step to ensure that vehicles meet the necessary safety, and regulatory requirements for legal operation on railway networks.

We undertake all static and dynamic assessments required to enable a vehicle to access a railway network. 

We utilise testing protocols to ensure that all components and systems meet or exceed the requirements.

We also provide detailed documentation of the testing process, including methodologies, test results, and any required corrective actions.

This is all encapsulated by comprehensive reporting and documentation defining the methodology, conditions and outcomes.

Independent competent persons (ICPs)

We are recognised as independent competent persons (ICPs) by the majority of networks around Australia and New Zealand.

As an independent consultancy, we operate without any affiliations to specific manufacturers, suppliers or networks. This allows us to provide unbiased and objective expertise in all aspects of rolling stock engineering. 

We are able to hold a neutral perspective, with access to broad industry knowledge and vendor-agnostic support.

Concession development

Many factors affect network registration, and our team will flag concerns quickly if they arise.

We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential issues that may affect vehicle registration.

This enables us to develop effective mitigation strategies and recommendations for design improvements or vehicle modifications.

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Network registration

We work closely with relevant authorities and network managers to ensure that all testing is conducted in accordance with regulatory standards and expectations of the networks.

Throughout the testing process, we maintain transparent channels for feedback to keep in alignment with your project objectives.

The experts on your side

Rail Confidence will help you:

✓ Register on rail networks
✓ Manage operational risk
✓ Identify safety issues
✓ Address gaps in compliance

✓ Navigate tight timeframes
✓ Supplement in-house skills
✓ Independently verify