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200years combined experience
400+vehicles registered
550projects and counting
15+national & global
rolling stock experts
200years combined experience
400+vehicles registered
550projects and counting
15+national & global
rolling stock experts


As a consultancy with experts from across the rail industry, we conduct a range of specialist investigatory services in addition to our engineering services.

These include forensic and derailment investigations for when rolling stock ends up off its tracks in some form or another. We can act as expert witnesses to give reason for why an incident of this nature may have occurred.

We also use Vampire Pro™ software to simulate vehicle behaviour, which aids in an investigation.

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Forensic investigations

Our team conducts thorough forensic investigations to determine the root cause of incidents or failures involving rolling stock. This includes in-depth analysis of components, materials, and operational data.

We employ advanced techniques and tools to examine evidence and gather relevant data, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

What happens when rolling stock derails?

Rolling stock derailments are damaging, costly and even dangerous incidents that frequently. Most often they are a result of human error. When a train derails, no matter its severity level, an investigation must occur to prevent future incidents, especially due to operator negligence and faulty track or rolling stock.

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Derailment investigations & legal disputes

We specialise in investigating derailments to identify contributing factors, such as track conditions, vehicle performance, operator error, or external factors.

Our team employs detailed analysis of derailment scenarios, examining factors like speed, track geometry, vehicle dynamics, and potential human factors.

Litigation support as expert witnesses

Our experts are available to serve as knowledgeable witnesses in legal proceedings related to rolling stock incidents or disputes.

We provide clear and objective testimony based on our deep understanding of rolling stock engineering principles, ensuring that our expertise is a valuable asset in legal contexts.

Vampire Pro™ vehicle behaviour investigations

We utilise the advanced vehicle dynamic modelling software Vampire Pro™ to simulate and recreate vehicle behaviour according to track and suspension inputs. This aids in the investigation process and provides valuable insights for design modification and permutations. 

Uses of Vampire Pro™

  • Simulation and mathematical models of diverse rail vehicle configurations
  • Rail vehicle analysis
  • Detailed suspension component models
  • Enhanced longitudinal dynamics
  • Precise wheel/rail contact
  • Advanced track modelling

Examples of Vampire Pro™ simulations

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